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How to choose the right necklace for different necklines

Have you ever worn a necklace that seems to be doing battle with the neckline of your top? It can be so annoying if you're constantly grappling with the necklace to make sure it sits properly. Trust me, I speak from bitter experience!

So how do you choose the right necklace for different necklines? Essentially you want something that works with rather than against your outfit. Think about the length and type of chain as well as the overall design and look for pieces that either follow the line of your clothing or, if it's a fussier outfit, sit well away from the neck so that they aren't competing for attention.

Of course as with all these things it comes down to a matter of personal taste, but this simple guide is designed to give you some overall principles to work with and help you choose a necklace that's right for you.

Above: Silver charm necklace and matching bracelet from Elin Horgan Jewellery


Whether it's a shirt with a collar and buttons up the front that can be undone or a classic V-neck top, you want a necklace style that follows the V line downwards. Depending on how deep the V goes you could play around with chain lengths with anything from a 45-60cm chain working well for this style. Don't chose a wide or bib necklace as most of the necklace will be obscured by your clothes.

I absolutely love the Charm Necklace shown above paired with a white shirt, it's such a classic look. It comes in both silver and gold plated silver and the middle charm is slightly longer than the others so echoes the neckline nicely. This silver Bent Bean Necklace from Jessie Harris is also a great everyday option due to the beautifully tactile elongated shape.

For a deep V try then why not try something a little more special and dramatic like the Demeter Tassel Pendant by Brighton-based handmade jewellery designer & maker Cara Tonkin. I can really imagine this being worn with a fabulous silk blend evening gown by Redemption (look a girl can dream, ok?!)

Polo or turtleneck

Necklaces can be a bit awkward to wear with polo or turtleneck styles as there's already quite a lot going on around the neckline. To draw the eye downwards avoiding anything too fussy, choose a simple dainty pendant like the handmade Gold & Emerald Necklace from my Tutti Frutti collection. This design also comes in silver and is available with a range of other gemstones.

Alternatively pick a longer length chain that will sit well away from the neck of your top like this beautiful