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Buying a ring online? 5 tips to make sure you get it right every time…

More than any other piece of jewellery, buying a ring online can seem like a daunting prospect. Unlike a necklace or pair of earrings, the fit of a ring is everything….too tight and you can’t get it on your finger, too loose and you run the risk of it falling off.

So, how can you make sure that you choose the correct size if you can’t try it on in person? Read on for five handy tips to ensure that you get it right every time…

1) Finger size changes. Say what?! That might sound a little crazy, but actually a perfect fit is almost impossible to achieve because your fingers can swell due to a number of factors including humidity, eating salty foods and pregnancy, which brings me to my next point….

If you’re measuring your finger using a ring sizer then it’s best to do it two or three times over several days to make sure you get it spot on. Bear in mind that some people also find that their ring size can be half to one size larger in the evenings than at the start of the day so try to measure at different times to allow for this if you can.

2) Finger shape also differs between people too. Some people will have a tapered finger where the base is wider than the knuckle, whereas others will find that the knuckle is the widest part of the finger. It’s all about finding the balance between a ring that fits over the knuckle, but isn’t too loose on the finger. If you’re choosing a very chunky, wide piece and have big knuckles then you might want to go up half a size.