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5 steps to the perfectly wrapped present

Christmas is fast approaching which inevitably means presents to wrap. If this sounds like your idea of hell, don’t worry…there’s still time to nail the perfectly wrapped gift with a few easy tips. If you’ve found the perfect gift and want to show it off to full effect read on. After all, nothing beats a well wrapped present sitting tantalisingly under the Christmas tree.

Before you start, gather together everything you’ll need and lay it out somewhere with plenty of space like your kitchen table. There’s nothing worse than being mid wrap and suddenly remembering that you left the sellotape upstairs:

1. Lay the item face down on top of your wrapping paper. Cut the paper so that there’s enough to cover both sides, with a little extra left over. Obviously this is easier if you’re wrapping something with straight edges rather than an irregular shaped item.

2 .Bring the two ends together over the centre of the present and tape down (you can use double sided tape if you want to look really pro).

3. Tackle the sides one at a time by folding the edges of the paper inwards at a 45 degree angle

4. Then fold top flap down and crease where it meets the bottom of the box. Repeat with the bottom flap, but fold any excess paper in to ensure that the edges meet up perfectly. Secure with more tape.

5. If you’re using ribbon, lay it lengthways across the top of the gift then turn over and cross the ribbon underneath, bringing it back together over the shorter sides. Thread the ends under the ribbon that’s already there and tie in a knot then bow. Trim the length if needed. Et voila!