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The Knitwear Designer: Jules Hogan

Jules Hogan is a Berkshire-based knitwear designer, producing beautifully understated clothing and home accessories. Inspired by the coast & countryside, her wonderfully subtle pieces exude thoughtful craftsmanship and she says of her designs that they're for "people who like to make a quiet statement"

Can you tell us a bit about your background.....I know that you studied art at University, but what drew you towards knitwear design in particular?

My journey into knitted textiles was not a straight one. I used the time whilst studying to try different disciplines including drawing, painting, embroidery, printed and woven textiles so it was a difficult decision at the end of my first year at Winchester. I decided to study print design, but after the first term realised it was not the right decision and transferred to knit!

I love the tactile quality of knitwear, working with lambswool and machines and turning a design idea into reality.

What prompted you to make the leap into launching your own collection in 2008? Was that something that you'd always been planning to do?

It wasn’t planned, but a natural progression. I was working for a knitwear studio in London producing conceptual designs for national and international markets. The day job was leaving me unfulfilled, so I was driven to continue learning and completing the process from design through to final product. I did both up until the end of 2016 when it was clear I had to make the leap to work on the collection full time!