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4 simple ways to store your jewellery

How do you store your jewellery? Are you super organised and keep everything neatly packaged away in the original boxes? Or do you just take it off and fling it into a heap somewhere?

If you're stuck for ideas on how to organise your pieces to keep them looking their best, then try out these 4 simple storage solutions.

1) A jewellery box with compartments

Firstly, I'd really recommend investing in a jewellery box with compartments. There are two reasons for this - obviously it helps to keep everything organised, but also means that pieces aren't coming into contact with each other and causing scratches on the surface. This is particularly important if you have gold plated or oxidised jewellery as it reduces the likelihood of the colour being damaged or flaking off.

I’ve always been very loyal to Muji’s acrylic storage boxes (see above), which can be stacked in groups if you need more space. They also come with velvet partitions which can be purchased seperately so you can choose the inserts that suit your jewellery collection best.

Other options for clear storage are these glass shadow boxes from West Elm (above, left). You can chose from square or rectangular shapes and they all have a white linen lining to show off your wares. There are even some wall mounted versions if you fancy giving your home a real jewellery boutique feel. Nukku also has a fantastic range of glass boxes in a various shapes and sizes, made from glass, brass and mirrors and handcrafted by artisans in India (above, right).

If you'd prefer a leather-look jewellery box then do check out Stackers who offer a massive selection of different sized options. Again you can choose your own trays and compartments to go in the box to create something that's bespoke to you and suits your jewellery collection.

2) A jewellery trinket dish (or two!)

If none of those tempt you and you’re more of a ‘fling it in a pile’ type of person then a trinket dish or two is definitely the answer. I recently bought this lovely handmade terazzo hexagonal design (above) from Calico Collective on Etsy and the green cabbage leaf one is from Arket.

I've got a few of these and I tend to put the jewellery I'm wearing that day in the dish and keep the rest in a larger box. If you only have a few pieces then a dish might be big enough for your whole collection, but bear in mind that jewellery exposed to the air will tarnish more quickly.

3) Handmade ceramic ring cones

Another dressing table favourite are ring cones which are a great way of keeping your rings to hand whilst also looking gorgeous to boot. I got these handmade, hand painted porcelain ring cones (above) from Jade Gallup Studio and I really love them. She has a range of different designs, all of which are totally beautiful so you're sure to find one you like.

4) A zip up jewellery travel case

Finally, although we're not going anywhere sooon (in fact we're back in Lockdown number 3 here in the UK at time of writing), a nice travel case is a handy way to store your jewellery, particuarly if you don't have loads of pieces. I have a fab personalised version like this one from Lisa Angel which is super useful and when we do get to travel you can just zip it up and go!

If you'd like to know more about any of these ideas then do check out my IGTV video where I talk through the different options in more detail.

Whichever method you choose, do make sure to keep your jewellery away from extremes of temperature, away from direct sunlight and in an environment that's as dry as possible - all of which will help slow down the tarnishing process.

And do let me know if you've come up with any ingenious ways to display your jewellery or you know of any must have storage solutions that you'd like to share. Happy organising!

Elin Horgan designs and creates handmade jewellery in her Bristol studio. Elin’s beautifully simple handmade jewellery is carefully crafted and designed to be worn every day. You can read more about Elin’s work and the ethos behind her understated jewellery brand on her About Elin Horgan Jewellery page.

If you’d like to enquire about a specific product or discuss a custom piece of jewellery, please have a look at the Bespoke Handmade Jewellery page or email

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